Geospatial Analysis of People Receiving PEPFAR Testing and Counseling Services in Ethiopia

  • Health sites highly overlap with electricity transmission network
  • Health sites in Ethiopia majorly follow alongside the existing Electricity transmission network which may be considered as urban areas.
  • Urban Area: High head count, but miss expectation
  • Urban areas with high population density reach out to a significantly higher head count (result) but tend to miss the target (lower achievement).
  • Rural Area: Relativly low head count, but outperform expectation
  • The rural areas with lower population density have expectedly lower head counts but beat the targets by a higher margin (high achievement).
  • PEPFAR in Somali
  • The easternmost Somali region, with one of the lowest population densities in Ethiopia is a case in point displaying significantly high level of achievement for people receiving testing and counselling services as part of PEPFAR; but its zones namely, Doolo, Afder and Nogob are not being covered under all the programs.
  • Conclusion
  • In conclusion, the PEPFAR program(s) tracked here over achieve their targets in rural areas but lag behind in modern areas with high population densities. The achievement of PEPFAR program has been remarkable but as we observe more evidence-based results a need to overhaul the strategy to be more successful in the densely populated areas is being felt.


Achievement % (Result / Target)