Pandemic Data Room

A Resource Provided by The Center for Global Data Visualization

The Pandemic Data Room is a comprehensive global COVID-19 data repository created by a consortium of partners and led by QED Group to improve understanding of the impact of physical distancing policies on social behavior, disease rates, hospital utilization, and local/national economies. This initiative will generate critical information needed to adjust policies to control the outbreak. We hope to bring amazing talent to work on the data and generate new tools that can be used to manage and understand this pandemic.

Contribute Research Questions and Analysis Ideas to the Pandemic Data Room

In order that the Pandemic Data Room best reflects questions being asked among the global health and international development communities, we have created a portal where people can pose questions on COVID-19 they are looking to get answered. This question portal will be available to Data Challenge participants and they can use it to generate ideas in creating compelling visualization and analysis tools. Please visit the portal here.

Participate in the COVID-19 Data Challenge using this data resource. Both students and professionals are encouraged to participate. For each track, submissions are judged separately and prizes (1st Place $2000, 2nd Place $1500, 3rd Place $1000, Honorable Mentions $100) are awarded.

Contribute to the Pandemic Data Room by submitting a new data source request in this Google Form. We will evaluate your data source and get back to you soon!

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Data sources provided by partners

IDS International and Clear Outcomes: Survey Data on Physical Distancing and Hygiene Behaviors in the United States - updated data April 29

Fraym: Geospatial Data For Covid-19 Prevention and Crisis Response

Geopoll: Coronavirus In Sub-Saharan Africa -- Updated April 21

Exovera: COVID-19 Related Articles Published In US Newspaper

IDS International and Clear Outcomes: Contact tracing, rapid testing, and antibody testing data for US States - added April 29

COVID-19 Case Data

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Dashboard Dataset: Country, foreign provinces, and U.S. county case statistics

New York City Public Health Department: Cases, hospitalizations, deaths by date of diagnosis as well as cases by ZIP code

New York Times Data: Two time-series datasets collected by the New York Times from various U.S. state and local agencies; the first record is aligns with the first case in the United States on 21 January 2020.

INDIA COVID-19 TRACKER: Crowdsourced India COVID-19 data. Some interesting points because it takes data from anyone.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Dataset of positive cases and deaths by country worldwide

DXY: a Chinese pandemic tracking online platform: A Chinese online platform showing the number of cases locally and globally

1Point3Acres covid19 dataset: case based covid 19 dataset in US and Canada

Dados COVID-19 em Portugal: Data on COVID-19 cases at the municipality-level in Portugal - added April 14

COVID-19 Italia — Dipartimento della Protezione Civile: Italian Dept. of Civil Protection github data on COVID-19 cases - added April 14

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data in the UK: Case and death data breakdown in UK - Added April 19

COVID Tracking Project: US data on COVID-19 testing and patient outcomes - Added April 21

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data in South Africa: Data compiled from the Department of Health and other Health sources in South Africa - Added April 24

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data for Africa: Data compiled from WHO and various national health agencies in Africa. Data on coronavirus case numbers and information on invidiaul cases - Added April 24

Our World in Data: COVID-19 Testing Dataset - Added April 23

Korean Ministry of Health Data: Korean COVID-19 statistics, dataset is in Korean - Added April 30

Government Response Data

Worldwide Lockdown Dataset: Country and province stay-at-home order data

US Lockdown Dataset: State and county stay-at-home order data

Healthcare Resource Data

IHME: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation COVID-19 Estimate Data

USA Hospital Beds: County level data. Contains hospital beds related data(amount, untility rate, bed type, etc)as well as hospital geographic data

US Hospital Facility Bed Capacity: Includes information about all hospitals bed and ventilators per capita, health care capacity data etc

Patient Medical Data for COVID-19: Medical records of patients infected with COVID-19

WDI Health Systems: Data on the state of each countries healthcare system.

Social Data

Google Trends: Data on the trends in people's google searches.

Postman: COVID-19 API Resource Center: Contains links and detailed information about accessing public feeds from 28 different organizations and topics via application program interfaces (API). Organizations represented include the WHO, CDC, and John Hopkins University.

SafeGraph Dataset: Data on foot traffic throughout the US. It has the number of times people pass by over 6 million different points of interest in the US.

Covid-19 Twitter dataset: Dataset of tweets acquired from the Twitter Stream related to COVID-19 chatter

Schools affected by COVID-19: Dataset of Higher Education schools moving to online-only instruction due to COVID-19

COVID-19 Legislation: Interactive site for users to access: statewide or nationwide data on all covid-19 legislation

Coebiq Mobility Index Data: Dataset shows mobility and store visitation patterns

Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports: See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19

Apple Mobility Data: Change in routing requests since January 13, 2020 - added April 14

538 Survey Data on US Coronavirus Concern and Response Approval: Surveys conducted on concern about economy and risk of infection and approval of President Trump's response - Added April 19

Mozilla Desktop Usage Data: Daily data on desktop usage and number of active hours per user on Mozilla Firefox - Added April 19

Pew ResearchCenter American Trends Panel: Raw survey data on US social trends with multiple coronavirus questions - Added April 19

Carnegie Mellon University Delphi Research Center: Self-reported descriptions of COVID-19-related symptoms - Added April 20

Stanford COVID-19 Survey Data: Survey data of US and UK citizens on COVID-19 - Added April 30

Brazilian COVID 19 Donations Monitor: Website tracking the donations to fight COVID-19 and amounts - Added April 30

Academic Data

Scholarly Article Database: Big database of scholarly article metadata with links and queryable json files for Natural Language Processing

WHO Scientific Knowledge Database: Scientific findings and journal articles on COVID-19 - added April 14

Open database of COVID-19 cases with chest X-ray or CT images.: Infectious disease CT / X-ray images from journal publications - added April 14

Chinese National Bioinformatics Center Data: Genomic sequences and variation data submitted by researchers around the world - Added April 30

Other Relevant Data

AirNow Data: Real time air quality data for major world cities and US locations - Added April 30

COVID-19 Interactive Dashboard

COVID-19 Background Information

Experts' Thoughts on Dealing with COVID-19 Data

We encourage you to recognize both the limitations of the data and your ability to draw conclusions from this data. The importance of this COVID-19 means that any visuals created may be displayed in other contexts, and we ask you not to overreach in any conclusions you attempt to draw. See below for a list of articles around this topic.