CGDV Recommended Data Sources

The Pandemic Data Room is a comprehensive global COVID-19 data repository created by a consortium of partners and led by QED Group to improve understanding of the impact of physical distancing policies on social behavior, disease rates, hospital utilization, and local/national economies. This initiative strives to generate insights that could lead to a better understanding of impact of physical distancing and the outbreak. We aim to bring amazing talent to work on the data and generate insights that can benefit the global community’s work to understand and control the spread of this pandemic.

CGDV promotes open data for public good. We recommended the following data sources for researching and creating data visualizations. Please let us know if there is more to be added to the list.

In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, CGDV creates a separate section where we gather COVID-19 data from various reputable sources. We believe data and fact are essential to understand the pandemic in this difficult time. We encourage CGDV users to make responsible visualziations using reliable data sources.

COVID-19 Data Sources

Public Data Sources

Social Media Data

Behavior Survey Data